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Our Products

OEM / Industrial / Mechanical Products

EWSS offers the following products and categories:

– Casting & Forging Parts

– CNC Machining Components

– Copper & Brass Components

– Metal Stamping & Fine Blanking Parts

– Pipe Guides

– Vibration Isolators

EWSS offers highest quality CNC Machining services for a wide variety of automotives, space, industrial, telecommunications, aerospace, electronics and customary applications. Our quality suppliers can handle CNC Machining processes like – Turning, Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Boring, EDM etc. We offer latest CNC equipments with large varieties of different machine sizes which cover almost any shape and sizes of the jobs.

EWSS offer simple 2D machining to 5-axis machining capabilities to customers. We handle from low volume to high volume production qty for product mix. Our suppliers use different CAD-CAM software so we can handle any format of product data for machining.

Materials we offer – Carbon Steels, Stainless steel, Alloy Steels, Aluminum, Brass, Plastic and any other materials as per customer requirement.

We also offer secondary operations like finish process (various plating/passivation/corrosion prevention etc) and heat treatment as per customer specifications for above material.